The Oberlin Evangelist

June 6, 1855


Revival in Rome, N.Y.


Oberlin, May 25, 1955


Dear Sir:--I improve a leisure moment, while tarrying in your place, to say a word of the pleasant work of grace enjoyed within the bounds of my congregation in Rome, N.Y., during the past few months.

I esteem it a very kind Providence which sent Mr. Finney into our vicinity last fall, and continued him during so large a part of the winter and spring. After a useful term of service in Western, Bro. Finney came to Rome the first of February. The anticipation of his arrival had helped to awaken an increased spirit of prayer, and he found not a few of our members already in earnest for the promotion of the work of God. He remained with us seven weeks, during which time the church was very much quickened and refreshed, and an altogether new spirit of prayer and zeal, especially among the female members, realized. Some who confessed to having grievously departed from the ways of the Lord, were exceedingly humbled, and I hope permanently restored to duty. Some of our church meetings were characterized by a peculiarly tender and broken spirit, and will be long remembered by those who partook in them.

The meetings held by Mrs. Finney with the sisters of the church were greatly blessed, and contributed in an important degree to the progress of the revival.

A very considerable number of persons were hopefully converted, chiefly the youth of the congregation. I mentioned the number in my letter to the N.Y. Evangelist at between fifty and sixty; but I think, in better investigation, it may safely be rated at seventy. These converts, almost without exception, appear well, and are evidently growing in religious experience and knowledge. A spirit of inquiry still remains to a considerable degree.

Yours truly,



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